Eh betul ker ikut saya ni?

Jun 28, 2009

My new cute netbook....

my new netbook...finally here...and finally after two weeks no internet line and then yesterday its all here...bought about RM 1844, DELL brand from my former boss at IRASURIA VENTURE SDN BHD..its about 10" so very comfortable for me to carry around when OS..for now I just need to adjust my eyes to this small and cute screen rather than 14" screen on laptop..oh I just fell sooooo lucky this netbook around me..soooo love internet...hehe

Just want to share menu form General Hospital at Penang. My dad had been at the hospital for almost two weeks and I had to sleep there accompanied my mum about 3 night...huhu
The menu is so goood compare than Kangar Hospital and of course the services.My Dad really have a good care from nurse and doctor there.... Really hope my dad always be in good health for a much more time.....

Jun 15, 2009

Masih jelas setiap garisan halus....Bila senyuman kau ukirkan untukku..

Layan gambar nyer...terjumpa Hafiz waktu jalan2 kat Jonker Walk Melaka...Hafiz is the best..humble dan sporting. Harap dia akan mcm tu sampai bila2..Jgn sombong dgn kejayaan yg sekejap cuma ini...hmmm
and then, tgh tunggu netbook baru ni...bila leh dpt..pasni insyallah FB,Blog dan forum Cari akan ku selalu lawati......